1. A Boutique Winemaker is the owner of the wine that has been grown in a vineyard whose total yearly production does not exceed 350 tonnes and has been fermented in a winery whose total crush does not exceed 350 tonnes.

2. A Boutique Wine Producer/Grower is defined as the grower of the wine exhibited that was grown in an individual vineyard where total production in the year of manufacture does not exceed 350 tonnes and was fermented in a winery that crushed no less than 350 tonnes.

3. In the non current Vintage Sections, the wines must be commercially bottled at the time of entry. Unbottled wines will not be given an award or medal. However they will be given a standard.

4. Wines to be submitted must be made from grapes grown in the Hunter Valley – defined as the catchment area of the Hunter River.

5. Each exhibitor must be in possession of either a current Off-Licence, Vigneron Licence or a current Off-Licence Retail Licence.

6. Maximum entries permitted per class per exhibitor is three (3). Duplication of entries in any one class is not permitted.

7. The same wine may not be entered by any other competitor.

8. No wine may be entered in more than one class.

9. Each wine sample is to consist of four (4) 750ml bottles or six (6) 375ml bottles.

10. The minimum quantity of wines eligible for each exhibit within the respective sections will be Sections C, H, K & M – 900 litres; Sections A, B, D, E, F, G, I, J, L, N & R 400 litres; Sections O, P & Q – 250 litres.

11.     a) Further wine samples may be required and/or inspected by the Maitland Show Wine Committee or its nominees for quantitative and comparative analysis, and

b) The Committee or its nominees shall not be required to give notice to any exhibitor of its intention to make any such inspection hereby authorised, and

c) In the event of discrepancy disclosed by such inspection, the Committee or its nominees if it shall so determine may cancel any award won by an exhibitor and disqualify that exhibiton from further exhibition for such a period as the Committee in its absolute discretion may determine.

12. No exhibitor shall advertise or allow to be advertised by any means whatsoever bybroadcasting, pictorially or in writing the fact that any exhibit has won any prize in the Show, unless such advertisement shows clearly:

a) Hunter Valley Boutique Winemakers Show

b) Year of Award

c) Description of Class with vintage year applicable

13. The decision of the Judges shall be accepted as final and binding.

14. The Exhibitor agrees to supply to the Maitland Show Society up to two (2) cases of award winning wines at wholesale prices ($110 per carton incl. GST) for presentation at the following years Wine Show Dinner.

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